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Irrigation Maintenance



System Evaluation

We thoroughly inspect your irrigation system to ensure it's working optimally. This includes checking for leaks, assessing sprinkler head performance, and ensuring timers and sensors are functioning properly.

Sprinkler Head Maintenance

Our experts clean, adjust, and if necessary, replace sprinkler heads to ensure effective water coverage. Properly maintained heads help to conserve water and ensure your lawn and plants receive the hydration they need.

Leak Detection and Repair

We utilize advanced techniques to quickly identify and fix any leaks within your irrigation system. Early detection and repair of leaks prevent water waste and mitigate damage to your property.

Timer and Sensor Setup

We set up and adjust timers and sensors to ensure your irrigation system operates efficiently. Properly configured timers and sensors help in maintaining a healthy landscape while conserving water.

Drip Irrigation Maintenance

Our team maintains and repairs drip irrigation components to ensure they function efficiently. Drip irrigation is a water-efficient solution that delivers moisture directly to the plant roots, promoting healthy growth.

Backflow Testing and Repair

Our bush trimming service not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property but also ensures the health and longevity of your shrubs. Trust us to create a well-manicured and inviting landscape.

Winterization and Spring Startup

We prepare your irrigation system for winter to prevent freeze damage, and restart it in spring ensuring it’s ready for the watering season. These services help in prolonging the lifespan of your irrigation system.

System Optimization

We optimize your irrigation system for the highest efficiency, balancing adequate watering with conservation. Optimized systems promote lush, healthy landscapes while reducing your water bill.